Bob Stilger

Bob Stilger, PhD, is an activist-scholar who explores social change, leadership and community building. Over the last seven years, Bob has worked with communities in Japan where people are creating a “new normal” after the devastating Triple Disasters – earthquake, tsunami and nuclear explosions – of March 11, 2011. It’s not just Japan where the old normal is disappearing, the present is in chaos and the future is cocooned. How will we each find the courage and clarity we need to stand up and step forward in these times? In his new book, AfterNow, Bob shows us how collapse can be a gateway to creativity. He illuminates the patterns, practices and actions that give birth to a life-affirming future so that we may all learn to build the lives and communities we want. 

Bob was the cofounder, and for 25 years the Executive Director of Northwest Regional Facilitators – an early community development corporations in Spokane, Washington. Leaving NRF in 2000, he quickly partnered with Margaret Wheatley at the Berkana Institute where he followed her as Co-President in 2004.  Working with a network of community-based-innovators, Berkana looked at what leadership the world needs now.  Bob has taught leadership at the graduate level at Gonzaga University, Whitworth University, Bainbridge Graduate Institute, St. Mary’s College of California and the Union Institute.  He’s the Founder and Co-President of NewStories, a US-based nonprofit which works globally with people who are intent on co-creating collective impacts that make our lives better.

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