Claire Heile

Microorganisms for Plastic and Waste Treatment

Claire Heile is a research microbiologist in the R&D department at Microbial Discovery Group (MDG) who dedicates her entire research efforts to environmental conservation. She focuses on the use of bioremediation as a solution to global challenges that impact our community. Believing plastics to be one of the most prolific sources of pollution, Claire’s primary field of study is the microbial degradation of polyethylene under landfill conditions. Her goal is to promote environmental preservation while advancing current waste-management technologies. In addition to her research, Claire contributes to MDG’s vision of “Feed, Clean, Save: The World” by participating in an internal volunteer group to affect positive change and provide sustainable solutions. MDG’s programs and biological solutions have potential to play an integral role in protecting the planet, providing millions of meals, creating clean water, and saving thousands of lives on a global basis.

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