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Lorenzo Hagerty

Lorenzo Hagerty

In recent years, Lorenzo Hagerty has spent his time writing, podcasting, blogging, producing a lecture series, speaking at events, and being a grandfather. His professional career is as diverse as they come: attorney, consultant to Fortune 500 companies, electrical engineer, hot air balloon pilot, Internet/Java promoter, motivational speaker, movie stuntman, multimedia software developer, Naval officer, and technical writer. Hagerty was president of Success, Inc., which provided sales training and network marketing courses to other companies, and he founded Dynasty Computer Corporation, which sold home computers even before IBM did.

Hagerty is perhaps best known as the congenial host of the Psychedelic Salon, a podcast series which for the past thirteen years has been showcasing interviews, lectures, and assorted additional audio sources that feature some of the brightest, most creative individuals from the community of folks interested in psychoactives. He is the organizer of the Palenque Norte theme camp at Burning Man, dedicated to translocating the vibe from the Entheobotany seminars at the Chan Kah hotel in Mexico onto the dusty realm of Black Rock City.

Hagerty is author of the book The Spirit of the Internet: Speculations on the Evolution of Global Consciousness, as well as The Genesis Generation: A Psychedelic Novel, available for free in both audio book and e-book formats. In 2012, along with Bruce Damer, Hagerty produced a series of events at the Esalen Institute and other places to celebrate the life and ideas of their friend Terence McKenna.

Learn more about Lorenzo at www.psychedelicsalon.com