Mari Shibuya

Mari Shibuya is an Artist, Muralist, and Facilitator based out of Seattle. Shibuya’s work is motivated by a quest to understand the origin of consciousness and the ineffable patterns that organize and propel human evolution. A graduate of The Evergreen State College, Shibuya was a student of Philosophy and Psychology and now uses their art as a space to distill their philosophical inquiry. Central to Shibuya’s mission is to be an ambassador to Creativity as a lifestyle driven by the belief that we are all Creative.

Shibuya works as a lead facilitator for Young Women Empowered using the expressive arts as an avenue to instill leadership skills and self confidence in young people. Shibuya is also a teaching artist for Gage Academy and Partners for Youth Empowerment. Shibuya is excited to share original works and live painting over the course of the conference as well as share in the power that Creativity has to transform culture at the level of our decision making process.

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