2019 Convergence Schedule

Opening Activities

As we gather to begin our weekend, connection activities will be facilitated to help you arrive and get to know other attendees and presenters. Networking rounds, authentic relating, intention setting, and more! The event registration area will also be open so you can get your event pass, study the program and get oriented to the grounds. Welcome to the Imagine Convergence!

Opening Circle

Make absolutely sure you’ve arrived onsite by this time! We will introduce the weekend, set personal intentions for our being together, get to know one another, and bring awareness to the deeper contexts that we’re gathering through. We will discuss the weekend flow, logistical details and create a common vision alongside a couple vital keynote presenters and indigenous allies.

Closing Circle

At the conclusion of our weekend we will gather to ceremonially reflect on the weekend, close our time together, and prepare to move back into the default world. Departure from Rosario will begin afterward, but those staying longer can enjoy a leisurely exit, participating in Sunday night’s film, brought to you by the Orcas Island Film Festival.

Keynote Presentations

We are proud to showcase world class thought leaders at this inaugural Convergence. We’ll explore a wide array of solutions to the greatest problems facing the world today, while weaving threads of continuity throughout. Our facilitation team will guide us through integration activities between keynotes, and help develop coherent storylines to bring with us out into the world.

Breakout Sessions

The Convergence will divide into smaller concurrent sessions each day to explore a diversity of ideas, and how we can personally engage with them.┬áThese will be opportunities for participants to speak more intimately with presenters and each other, diving deeper into subject matters of your choice. There will also be “Meal Topic Tables” during lunches & dinners, the themes of which will be emergently-sourced through participant desire.

Music Performances

We have invited some really amazing artists to set the tone for our evenings. The Music Room in the Rosario Mansion is an ideal venue for this, the century-old pipe organ and stained glass windows elegantly framing these special moments together. In the Main Hall we will offer a mix of world music and downtempo sounds, alongside a free “gung fu” tea lounge, and the opportunity to socialize with other participants. We will also be featuring talented musicians in the Moran Lounge during dinner and happy hour.

Movement Sessions

Early morning will begin with Yoga classes in the Main Hall, and WimHof cold plunges in the Salish Sea to start the day off right and align our energy for what’s to come! We will also offer short movement practices throughout the day in between presentations, to somatically integrate and comfortably enjoy the flow of our sessions together.

Integration & Networking

Most of Sunday will be spent integrating the vast terrain we’ve covered throughout the weekend and applying it to our lives, both personally and collectively. The Convergence Facilitation Team will guide us through an emergent framework to help connect our initiatives with each other, and surface appropriate action in our daily lives and the world at large. This will be followed by an all-star keynote “Convergence Panel” to close out our weekend with a bang!

Convergence Panels

Our Facilitation Team will moderate an all-star circle of Keynote Presenters at both the beginning and end of our time together. These panels will explore the “convergent” themes present amidst such a wide diversity of ideas. Friday morning’s questions will focus on how to bring the most fruitful outcomes to transformative gatherings such as this. Sunday afternoon will close with questions about how to bring coherence, synthesis and convergence to the emergent themes of our weekend. Prepare to be wowed through these rare opportunities!