Sponsors | Partners | Allies

The following organizations & individuals have teamed up with the Convergence to help bring this cutting edge cultural event to life. We are in sincere gratitude for their financial support, media partnership, in-kind donations, and more! To learn how YOU can support (and be supported by) this Convergence, download our Sponsorship Deck and/or contact ben@imagineconvergence.com directly. We can tailor something to fit your needs, and look forward to connecting!

The Convergence is honored to have our 1st LEAD SPONSOR through this inaugural venture!  NewStories’ purpose is to help people, organizations, communities and systems navigate the tides of change towards well-being, compassion and deep collaboration.  Whether you are starting something new, helping to hospice what is old, supporting what is emerging, or bridging between the two, they are here for you.

Check out the NewStories website and share their work with friends!