Ideas for a Future Paradigm

Rosario Resort | Orcas Island | March 21st-24th 2019

The shift of the ages is unfolding on planet Earth. Change is happening at such a rapid pace it’s hard to make sense of it all. Decisions made today are determining the very survival of future generations. The Imagine Convergence is gathering changemakers, intellectuals, innovators and cultural creatives to explore cross-disciplinary solutions to these global complexities. Together we are weaving narratives for a future paradigm.

Join us and 300 pioneering minds as we embark upon the Convergence!

Nikkita Oliver

Intersectional Leadership

Inaugural Themes

Each Convergence will focus on several themes pertinent to the times. Our inaugural year will be more expansive in focus, featuring authors, scientists, artists and activists presenting on: 


The Environment

Degradation of the environment, climate change, loss of species… we know it’s happening and how bad it is. Let’s focus on solutions. The Convergence is a place to learn about people and ideas making a difference right now. Technological innovation, holistic economics and ecological worldviews are changing the face of the world as we know it. How do we engage with all that’s emerging?




Mindfulness, Connection & Consciousness

Our thoughts and feelings are the seeds of reality, and all of our actions begin first as a dream. The quality of our inner world determines our individual fates and the fate of society at large. Join us as we explore the many layers of consciousness, and some of the latest research in the fields of human relationships, class and gender equity, addictions, psychology, connection and mindfulness.



Art, Music & Culture

Imagination is one of the core characteristics of being human. The ability to envision and actualize large scale visions is a trait unique to our species. It’s what built our civilization, what brings us to the stars. Throughout history art and music have been creative forces in the evolution of culture. They are mediums that allow us to connect with each other in a profound way. How can we more effectively evolve modern day culture through expressing artistic visions with one another?

Our Mission

The mission of the Imagine Convergence is to nourish the holistic evolution of society by showcasing emerging ideas and stewarding networks of awareness. Through the connection of participants and presenters we are weaving stories to inspire transformation in our daily lives and the world at large.

Core Outputs:

• Pre & post-conference virtual engagement opportunities

Deep networking among participants, presenters and public

• Keynote panels & presentations by cutting edge cultural experts

• Experiential breakout workshops & peer-led open space sessions

• HD quality video recordings and free dissemination to the public

2019 Conference Schedule