Ideas for a Future Paradigm

Dear Imagine Convergence Family,
As many of you know, the spirit of the Convergence is to bring forth new ideas and explore the emerging science, culture and art that will form a future paradigm. We are so grateful for this incredible community and are beaming love and gratitude to each of you from the Convergence headquarters. At the same time, it is with a bit of sadness that we announce our decision to postpone the 2021 Imagine Convergence.
This year has been so unpredictable and no one knows how the rest of the year will unfold (not that we ever really truly know). The reason for our postponement is our concern that the Covid-19 crisis will not be done by next year.
In this time of uncertainty, we are apprehensive to move forward with production until we feel more confident that our small business is able to sustain the impact of the changes. Our intuition tells us it would be more wise to wait until the horizon looks clear.
Rather than looking at this time in a negative view, we believe we are witnessing unprecedented coordination and cooperation across the world to help address the bigger problems that need solutions. The collective effort and research being done by universities, health organizations and governments around the world will undoubtedly bare fruit that will benefit us all. In this time we also stand in solidarity with the BLM movement and the protests against oppression, injustice for the indigenous, racism, foreign wars and the continued state sponsored violence.
As far as the future of the Imagine Convergence— we will continue to explore the different facets of our world and when the time is right, bring you an inspirational heartfelt gathering with a clear and hopeful vision of the future!
If you have purchased a ticket and want a refund, please send us a message and we can refund you the amount. If you would like to hold on to your ticket, it can be redeemed at the next Imagine convergence event once we set a new date. Thank you each of you for your support and we look forward to seeing you in the future.
All love
Darin Leong & Katie Gray

Emerging Science

The unprecedented rate of change facing us today is hard to keep up with. As new problems arise, people across the globe are working hard to innovate new solutions to the challenges of the current era. The Imagine Convergence will feature scientists and researchers who are working hard to solve many of the world’s issues. Together, we will listen, learn and share in their knowledge, while connecting the dots and discovering pathways toward action.

The Environment

As the Earth continually moves through epic transformation, we humans have become acutely aware of our impact on the planet. The environment is much more vast than our present surroundings and we are beginning to understand that the magnificence of the whole. The Imagine Convergence will feature ingenious minds presenting potential solutions to real world problems. We won’t only focus on reporting the dire situation, but also offer ideas and strategies that can be implemented as individuals and as a collective.

Social Issues of our time

The new age is here and all the rules and roles are being reevaluated. Change is upon us and the way we look at race, gender and social class will never be the same again. The Convergence will take a good look at the shifting times and issues important to us as an evolving species. Our goal is to examine what it means to be alive in this time and how we can work together to navigate our way into the future.

Art, Music and Performance

Performance, art and music have been at the core of the human spirit since the beginning of time. Experiencing communication through creative expression allows a vehicle of sincere and authentic connection. Music and art are one of the most influential forces known to us and are responsible for influencing and creating culture. Join us as we showcase beautiful and moving musical performances and art galleries throughout the weekend.


Connection and networking is a very vibrant intention and focus with the Imagine Convergence. We will offer various exercises and opportunities for each guest to meet and connect with fellow participants and presenters. Connection offers a deep sense of belonging and brings forward the hope needed in order to make a positive impact on the world inside of us and around us. Ultimately, it is the connection we experience with one another that enriches our lives and sparks the changes that are often necessary for happiness, health and well-being.

Together, we will open, listen and let the rest unfold…